William Peace and Seaboard Station

The location of this project isn’t ideal. Peace isn’t particularly engaging to the east of Capital, the rail line disconnects it to the west as well. Even Peace U. is a snoozefest of an immediate neighbor. It needs to become the destination, but that’s a tall order when it competes with more active districts downtown. That said, I do hope that they succeed.


I hope this area succeeds too, but nothing about it makes me think it will. Seems like more generic apartments with generic retail, isolated from regular DT.

We’re going to DC in a couple months, and that Wharf area isn’t too far. I’d like to see it in person. We’re staying in CityCenterDC, which sounds like an upscale, urban version of the Fenton: designer shops, apartments, restaurants, office, etc. (of course there’s a Gucci store on the block; this is apparently my new travel M.O., pics below). I’m interested to compare that area to the Wharf, and to compare the Wharf to Seaboard Station. I feel like both will be cooler than Seaboard…


We stayed at CityCenter last time we visited DC. It felt isolated from the rest of the area, but not nearly as much as a development bounded by a railroad on one side (maybe two if you count the north end), a college campus on another, and a gas station on yet another. It at least has stores that face outward to the surrounding streets and a nice little water feature on the north end.

Are you staying at the Conrad?


Yes we are. A little isolation can be good for a hotel if you don’t want constant hustle bustle outside during your stay. So maybe that’ll be a selling point for the Seaboard Station hotel? Better than the AC Hotel with all the complaints about noise. :man_shrugging:t2:

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If Seaboard wants to become a “destination” - it needs to have a DESTINATION. A “cool new milkshake shop” isn’t a destination. A music venue or movie theater IS. Any activity that people need to plan ahead for is. Honestly… Logans kind of is, retail-wise - it has various sections you can explore surrounded by plants and greenery, and a cute semi-hidden little cafe to eat lunch amongst the “gardens” - losing Logans is honestly kind of a loss of the only true “destination” Seaboard currently has. They need to lease to some kind of activity-based business that people would need to buy tickets ahead and plan a day around. As others have said, a large indoor music venue honestly would be the ultimate in this area.


Right here!!! Logan’s is the ONLY reason I have to go to Seaboard Station. 100% agree that they need a music venue/comedy club/bowling alley/theater/mini golf/fountain garden :fountain: (see what I did there?) to draw folks to the area. Then a nice calorie fest at the milkshake place after a show or round of mini golf is a bonus. I LOVE milkshakes, but CookOut and Goodberry’s is a lot closer than Seaboard Station to satisfy that urge.


That spot across Peace St could use a good soccer stadium… Has anyone ever thought of that? It could look like this.


Only if they keep the Archdale building :triumph:


Quick question, what the hell we’re they trying to pull adding this random non-existent building in? lmao


just how far off the street is it? prohibitive in some way for a modern capital city?