200 W Morgan Street

Was just out and about for work and drove through DTR on my way back home. I noticed a realtor sign at 200 W Morgan Street (eastern half of the block with Campbell Law School Building). I’m sure it is nothing at this point, but based on the location (and size - 0.66 acres) of the parcel, I would be amazed if it doesn’t get upzoned and redeveloped following a sale. According the Wake County iMaps, the parcel is owned by Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of North Carolina.



The current use for that lot is a complete nothing for the urban fabric, especially facing Hillsborough with a surface parking lot. Bring on the changes!


Hopefully Campbell will buy it. I know they need to expand and they want to be a positive attribute to the “urban fabric”


Maybe build a new main building to modernize and sell their old lot for a lot of money?


That could be really nice. Their current building doesn’t really interact with the street - a little quad set up would feel really nice, with the underground parking deck expanded to replace the surface portion of their lot.


That’s pretty exciting! I would be shocked if Campbell wasn’t in their current building for a very long time, and so I’m not sure that they specifically would have any interest in this parcel, but I am sure that a lot of this size in this location will get snapped up quickly, and somebody will do something really cool here. It looks like it’s already zoned DX-20-UG, so I doubt you’d even need any rezoning here. Somebody could just buy it and start building.


OR better yet, they buy it and get it rezoned to 40 stories then start building :sunglasses:

Now TBJ has picked up on this property up for sell in the heart of DTR…


Too bad it’s sandwiched between 2 stroads. Need to get that traffic light synchronization changed on McDowell asap!


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Something to keep an eye on. Zoned DX-20-UG.


Thought this lot went up for 40-story rezoning? Didn’t pass??

If you are referring to the lot that was slated to have a 7 story apt building but was recently rezoned to 40 this is not that lot.

Nope, I am referring to 200 W Morgan St haha - unless it was rezoned to 20-stories and I’m just remembering wrong.