Bloc 83 - One Glenwood and Origin Hotel

You’re thinking of Chapel Hill :man_facepalming:


Fine, how about a nice shade of Royal Blue?

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How do I delete someone else’s comment, lol?


I was just at a sandwich shop in Durham that had huge banners up for Carolina and Duke, but not NC State. A lot of things about Raleigh frustrate me and in a lot of ways I prefer Durham and Chapel Hill, but that blatant ignoring of the other University in the triangle by ‘those guys’ has cemented my thought that there is no way Raleigh has any business trying to coddle or represent them in any way.


NC State’s in Raleigh and they look down their noses at it generally, as they do the city itself with their snide references.


This is your token Durham/Chapel Hill resident, speaking:


…but that’s mainly a basketball thing (go Heels) crossed with national(?) trends, with a more-than-healthy serving of elitism and anti-libertarianism. It’s just a cultural thing, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about something so petty.

The way this side of the Triangle dismisses Raleigh (not just State), though,…

Nearly everyone I know in Chapel Hill say Raleigh is just too inconveniently far for them to care about on a daily basis. Whether it’s shopping at a mall (Southpoint), employment (RTP), an urban downtown (Durham), concerts/theaters (DPAC), a college-town experience (Franklin Street), or hipster culture (Carrboro), residents in Orange and Durham counties already have their semi-regular needs checked off; there’s not much other than the occasional concert that only Raleigh can provide, so there’s no incentive for them to care about Raleigh. Obviously, I don’t believe that, but that seems to be the popular assumption. It’s a long-term issue of transit, development, and regional culture (or lack thereof).

There’s a whole thread where we’re talking about this, btw. (and… sorta trying to figure out solutions for? but not really?)


I live in Carrboro and frequently go to Raleigh. It’s not a bad drive on weekends.

I like Carrboro/Chapel Hill, and I quite like Durham as well. Don’t get me wrong. But if Raleigh weren’t nearby the area would probably feel a bit small for my tastes.


I was driving on highway 54 in Chapel Hill a while back when I noticed a sign … it read, “what’s the difference between Culture and Agriculture? … about 30 miles”.


Let’s keep the college town talk offline or in direct messages. I’m not sure of a way to weave that into any sort of relevance for downtown Raleigh as this bickering stems from the sports and not academics arms of the Triangle’s three major universities, which does have relevance.


Dram n Draft plans are in for One Glenwood .


That’s awesome! Any idea when we might see them start on the buildout?

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It is almost fully leased . One Glenwood .

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I meant do you know when will they actually start building the Dram and Draught inside One Glenwood? It’s been a gravel floor with nothing going on for months.

I don’t know . The permits have not been issued yet .

Oh darn. I was hoping to see something

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Noticed last night they had these set to change colors constantly about every 10 seconds. Now everyone can be happy at least every minute or so! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just drove down 40 and you can see the lights changing constantly in the skyline. It was honestly one of the coolest skyline things I’ve seen here


That’s cool. Did you get the sense that it will still be visible when the trees get their leaves again?

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𝓀є𝐄ρ 𝓇α𝕃ᗴ𝔦𝐆卄 Ŵє𝐢𝓇𝔡

ₖₑₑₚ ᵣₐₗₑᵢgₕ Wₑᵢᵣd

ӄɛɛք ʀǟʟɛɨɢɦ աɛɨʀɖ

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Yeah definitely. I wanted to take a video but I was driving lol