Bloc 83 - One Glenwood and Origin Hotel


Did you squat down in the middle of the street ?


Took it as I was driving and just cropped the photo some


Hearing reports Moonlight Pizza has permanently closed their doors.
I wonder if the recent maze of construction contributed to this or was it inevitable?
Sad news either way.


The last time that I tried to go there, they refused us service because they said that they were closing. While that alone is not a problem, it was a half hour before their own posted closing time. So, you know what? They contributed to their demise with me.


If this is true, (website makes no mention of this but restaurant websites are terrible) their days were probably numbered anyway but the constant construction probably didn’t help. It’s been a mess walking around Morgan and Hillsborough between Glenwood & Boylan for a while. The city does nothing to require developers to maintain pedestrian access during projects bc the city frankly doesn’t care about pedestrians. Other cities require developers to maintain some sort of pathway during construction but here in Raleigh you can just close down a sidewalk for years even if there’s no construction on going.



We need a new thread but Raleigh could really use more pro-chefs to take over the scene. It’s very lackluster ATM. If I see another fusion restaurant pop up I’ll cut out my tongue.


I am surprised their lunch traffic wasn’t booming.


There’s not much around there during lunch and I imagine a lot of people didn’t want to deal with the hassle of getting in and out of there with the construction. It will be interesting to see what ends up in that location. If something new opens in the same space or it gets redeveloped.


I have a feeling that Morgan Street Food hall may have cut into their business.


That’s sad. I went there once and liked it. Though I actually am over there all the time checking out the construction and never thought about going back for pizza. Mellow mushroom, Trophy, making it myself, all the new pizza places, etc. Seems like a crowded market. I’m curious what gets put there. I’d be shocked if it’s something that keeps the current building. Also wondering why none of the ground floor retail in One Glenwood has started yet.


They seemed to change the menu and got rid of the cheaper stuff in favor of an across the board push to a more expensive lineup. A half plate of Spag Balls was my go-to for years. It was like 7 bucks. At some point you were only allowed to get the full plate of them which was way too much for one person and too much money for spaghetti and meatballs. I agree the City is very nonchalant when it comes to pedestrians but I think other changes were a bigger factor. Know also, ownership changed a few years ago. It still sucks majorly though as this was the type of home grown in downtown before anyone gave a crap about downtown type of place that provided some identity I could get behind. For you really young guys, Moonlight started in the Mojos space on Glenwood as a walk up pizza counter with a couple of stools to eat at…late 90’s, when Glenwood was really an extension of the 5 points scene and was scratching on the edge of the big empty downtown abyss. It was a happy time, seeing absolutely nothing become a gritty, interesting something.


The best food I ever had in DTR was the original Rockford…just a bunch of people in bands cranking out an awesome menu for 7-10 bucks. The ABC. The lentil burger. First time I ever had Turkey/Bacon/Avacado. Damn good. My point being, I am not sure the pro chefs are where the creativity is.


I meant from the large amount of WT construction workers and various subs onsite right next door.


Oh yeah I didn’t even think about them. You’d think if they could have just hung on for a couple months they would have potentially experienced a boom. Spring and summer seemed to be much better for them plus with the opening of One Glen. Here’s hoping it doesn’t sit empty for too long.


Didn’t most of the Rockford group open up Garland? I know Cheetie used to bartend up at the Rockford for a long time and now owns Garland. Speaking of pro chefs…


Pretty good rendering of the new Dram & Draught, says the new one will open in April.


Really awesome, thanks for sharing that! I’ve been trying to figure out when they’re moving. No work has been done yet and they can’t start demo for Two Glenwood until they move. Nice to have some info, and a rendering too.


Me too…those guys aren’t going in for the expensive food they had…Snoopy’s and Char-Grill won that bid.


She’s exactly the non-pro, come up by her own bootstraps, doing awesome things sort I was thinking of. Everyone else seems to be coat tailing on a trend in some way, or has some minor or major ego that needs stroked, but not Chettie. She does her thing, does it for the pure love of it and has carved out a nice niche within the tidal wave of expensive mediocre stuff that swamps us. I also put Wicked Smile/Five Star in the Rockford/Garland column. May GoTriangle open their nostrils and not erase more of the best parts of our identity.