Bloc 83 - One Glenwood, Two Hillsborough, and Phase 3

Saw online they did indeed open today. Can’t wait to open those garage doors and take in the views of that ugly ass former service station that no one did anything with after all.


They looked full yesterday when we drove by. Probably soft opening with friends/family.


It’s good to see First Watch taking advantage of the nice weather and added outdoor seating.


New triad-based brewery (Incendiary Brewing) coming to Bloc83. They plan to open in early September but that could be pushed back if there’s any permitting or construction delays. Bloc83 is finally coming along w/ a decent number of tenants now (321 Coffee, First Watch, Dram & Draught, First Horizon Bank, YogaSix, Vic’s Pizza and now Incendiary Brewing).

Incendiary Brewing Company, with locations in Winston-Salem and Lewisville, is opening a taproom in Downtown Raleigh. The new spot will be located at the Bloc83 development along Hillsborough and Morgan streets. The space is located in the inner courtyard between the two towers (One Glenwood and Tower Two) and overlooks Morgan Street. On the other side of the courtyard, [321 Coffee looks out to Hillsborough Street]

The interior of the taproom space measures around 2,300 square feet. An outdoor patio connected to the building will hold 10 to 20 tables of outdoor seating – a key element to Incendiary’s brand, owners Brandon Branscome and John Bacon told the Triangle Business Journal.

Customers will be able to bring their drinks into the larger courtyard as well, Bacon said.


This is excellent news!!


I’m assuming it’s the space right here with the purple arrow? I hope someone takes the space on the corner of Hillsborough and Glenwood someday.


Went to First Watch for the first time on Saturday. I can highly recommend their waffle and that ultimate bacon on top. It may be the best chain waffle that I’ve ever had actually. I loved how light and crispy it was.


I was looking for this. Where did you find this tenant map at?

Was it Belgian or Waffle House style?

It was from @atl_transplant 's post from summer 2022. I just reposted it, not sure if there’s an updated version floating around the internet


It’s really hard to say. In a way, it seemed more light and crispy like s Belgian but it was shaped like a standard American waffle.


:bird: did some singing today…seems phase 3 of this project is effectively cancelled. The old moonlight pizza space (then Calavera) is being leased out again. That could change if the developer gets an anchor tenant so we can put this project in the same bucket as the Zimmer project.


OMFG seriously?? UGH!!! Isn’t it just supposed to be apartments and a deck?

Do you want to be the anchor tenant?

I guess the silver lining is they didn’t demolish the old moonlight pizza and allow the lot to sit empty with overgrown vegetation for several years… cough… Charlie goodnights


Cough…Nash Hotel… those once-were buildings could be entering their 3rd year of lease for a bottle shop, bookstore, or other non-kitchen shop.


This tenacity issues is annoying.

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Thet sold their other properties of Bloc 83 to a Canadian holdings company. So they will just give up on Raleigh development or move to residential development?

Office market is just dead. The big cities are starting to feel it now.


“Sorrows, sorrows, prayers”

I think is ill-recoverable, office space will come back when Zoom starts raising prices on its services. But residential is what will fit for now that’s why we’re seeing them going up faster, that or mixed use because at least with that people living fill up and that cover the finances and loans for now, and wait for office.