Capital Square - 320 W. South Street

Watching this go up, they’ve only been building half of it higher. From the webcam angle I couldn’t tell why, but this angle shows what looks like fresh columns on the bottom left. I’m guessing they had to get the ground work done first, then pour these columns to get everything ready to build the levels on top of this section. Anyone else think this now?


I heard a few weeks ago from a knowledgeable little birdie that they have some “site issues” on the other side. Once that is resolved, they will start building this other side higher to match up.


Oh ok, interesting. Thanks for that tip. I had also seen a lot of construction equipment moving around over there but I couldn’t see why. It’s a hard area to actually get to see, even in person, with the way the roads are one way or closed and the sidewalk is obviously gone.


Is it just me or does this column have a bit of a gangsta lean to it?


I’m probably wrong but, maybe they’ll remove the square box surrounding the round column and that would be straight?

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@elevatoroperator can weigh in, but I’m pretty sure it’s designed that way to cantilever the building out some.


It’s called a vertical correction.

I think they are only using round columns on the ground level where they are exposed; above that will be rectangular and mostly buried in the walls. Difficult to say why it jogs without more info but @evan.j.bost is probably right based on what I can see in this image, if I’m orienting myself correctly.

Because the curtain wall is pulled in at the ground level, the column coming straight down looks like it would’ve clashed with it. So: the column line on upper floors is placed to limit the length of the cantilevered slab, but pulled completely inside the glass at level 1. That’s my guess, at least.

Fun fact: I am working on a museum in Atlanta that has basically no vertical exterior walls, so every column is sloped, often at different angles. Fun stuff/great way to get your structural engineers to hate you!


Looks like I was right, they’ve completed the rest of that level now at least.


Double the cranes double the fun


I know there is a topic on this, but I am having a hard time finding it:

What’s the status of the 12(?)-story boxy building proposed nearby?

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You mean the Moxy Hotel.

One of these?

301 W Cabarrus? 301 W. Cabarrus St. development

401 W Cabarrus? 401 Cabarrus Apartments


Ahh yes! 401 Cabarrus was what I had in mind, but man, I also forgot about 301 W. Cabarrus too.

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This weeks progress…


And they finally did the concrete pouring for the other side!


Woah ive been gone 2 months and theyve done heaps of progress since!