Community T-shirts

If you had been wearing your DTR Community hat/shirt/etc she could have recognized you! :joy:

And vice a versa @clairebertt


But then you can still forget to wear them. I keep saying we should all just get matching face tattoos of Leo


Two of the best things in the world, tacos and tacos!!

@Mitch for those less willing to commit to a face tattoo of Leo, how about a sweat band of a particular/unique color for the summer and the same color but scarf for winter. :grin:


Sweat bands, scarfs, ties, ball caps, socks, thongs - the branding possibilities are endless!! We probably just need to get Leo some help, setting up the store. By the way - what are the color’s and patterns?

Or, we recognize each other when wearing special sunglasses.

Err, wait a minute. Wrong movie…


When are we getting shirts?

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Breaking out of the South Street thread…

A design exists, thanks to @Loup20, and I just haven’t gotten around to actually putting it into place. I think it looks sick actually. Anyone willing to get together and get these rolling?


@dtraleigh, I can’t reply in the T-shirt thread so can you move this over there? :joy:

I can check with Johnny at HoSwank and see if he’ll do us a deal?

Of course there’s sites like Cafe Press for ALL the things branded.

Wrong category. Yeah, we’ll have to look into that.

Does it come with inked sleeves?


What do we need to do to help out?
Great design, sign me up. Though this time of year I am not wearing many black t’s, lol. :slight_smile:

I always like to wear black since it makes me look less fat.


I’ve talked to House of Swank and Leo and I think we’re ready to see if you guys are really serious about these shirts and amazing logo @Loup20 created! To keep things simple for Johnny at HoS we’re asking the community to vote on the following two tshirt/ink color combinations. We will do the first run (36 shirt minimum) with the winning combo. Shirts will be $20 and will be preordered so we can cover the costs. Profits will go to support the DT site. The sooner we get this voted on and preorders taken, the sooner we can get the order in as it will take him some time with his backlog.

If you like both, vote for both.

  • Heather gray shirt, white ink
  • Red shirt, black ink

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I voted, but will buy & wear either.


1 O O % C O T T O N , please.


We have good news and great news regarding the shirts!

First, thanks to everybody that voted in the poll. While there was a clear winner by percentage, it was also clear we should do a run with both colors! Yes, you can pick either color when you place your order. More on how you do that in a moment.

We had a fantastic offer for help with the production of the shirts. The crew behind MLB Raleigh (@Loup20 and his partner), the same place the Community logo came from (@Loup20), is starting the “919 Collective”, a new local apparel company that will be launching later this summer. Some of the profits of their products will help fund projects in the community that are having a positive impact. So your shirt purchase will not only make you look amazingly cool, you’ll be helping a local company, donating to their philanthropic efforts locally, AND Leo will get some funds to keep the site running!

For more information about the shirts that will be used, head on over to the link below. If you have any MLB Raleigh shirts, this is the same company and shirt type. Lous says they are “slightly fitted”.

A reminder of the logo and what it will look like on the shirt. If you look carefully, you can see the new 919 Collective logo in there as well. :slight_smile:

Now for the order process. Leo will be collecting your orders and getting the larger order submitted. We’re setting a deadline for next Friday, July 16 for the first batch (this may be the only batch!). Simply go to the Donate link in this site’s main menu and follow the PayPal donation process. You’ll get to a step where you can add a comment. It’s not flashing in red letters so don’t skip that, otherwise, you’ll just be donating and you won’t get a shirt.

Info needed:

  • Qty of shirts if you’re ordering more than one
  • Color (Dark grey or Red)
  • Size (See link above for sizing info)
  • Shipping info if needed. Please add $5 to your donation to cover shipping costs. We’d prefer to hand over the shirts in person at a meetup if possible to keep this as simple as possible.

If you have any questions, please comment or DM myself or Leo. Have a great weekend, everybody!


Thanks @OakCityDylan and @OakCityDylan! Can’t wait to get these out there. I see donations rolling in already!!


Anyone getting this error? image

Update: had to make an actual account for it to work for some reason.

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Just donated, worked for me. I’ll pick them up next when I get back from Yurop.

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Ordered mine! :tshirt: