Cycling on Greenways in the Raleigh

The triangle has the best greenway on the East Coast in my opinion. Here is a greenway map with

*all the greenways in Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Durham and CH

*all the bike shops in Raleigh, Cary, Durham

*all the bike tool stations in Raleigh and Umstead

*this map is built on google maps, so all restaurants, bottle shops close to the greenway are also listed

*including Umstead, the triangle area has about 275 (!) miles of greenways, and they are constantly being improved.

*feedback to improve the map is welcome


Thanks for sharing. This is nice. I have seen the Raleigh greenway map, but nothing comprehensive for the entire region.

I see you have listed a few future greenways. Raleigh recently published a greenway master plan that includes quite a few future greenways I do not see listed.

Also you can add a bathroom and bike fix station at Riverbend park on the Nuesse River Trail.


This is really cool! Great first post and welcome!


Thank you for the feedback. I added the bathroom and fix it station at RiverBend park. Historically, I don’t add future greenways (like Lindsey drive to Umstead) because of uncertain completion dates. Cheers, Tim

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Thanks, this is great. Why is there a gap on Walnut Creek from Rock Quarry? I cycled that portion in the past

Niko- see this link for greenway closures -

until May 2023

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Very nice and interesting map. I’ve thought about making a map because routes that I’ve used don’t really show up on the Bike Raleigh App or the Oaks and Spokes map. Is there any reason for some choices being marked? For example, I see Ladyfingers Market and Eatery Marked, but not Sost or Sushi Mon. Crabtree Valley Mall has a food court and is right off the greenway. Although it’s not high end food, there are a variety of places to eat along with Crabtree Ale House. For grocery stores, Wegman’s is marked, but not Whole Foods on Ridge Rd which is right off the greenway. I would believe that it’s impossible to mark everything in an area so a generalized “food”, “beer”, or “restaurants” label would suffice. I’m also assuming the map is a work in progress so it may be the reason why some things aren’t marked.

Overall good map. Well done.

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This is a great map! So great that it prompted me to create an account so I could share a few small clarifications on the Crabtree Creek trail between New Bern and Raleigh Blvd. I’ve uploaded a screenshot with the edits too.

  • Where it hits Milburnie eastbound, you have a spur shooting off it, but Google has it correct. One has to get onto a sidepath on Milburnie for a short spell and then reconnect to the trail. That spur doesn’t exist.

  • There is an access point just north of Crabtree and Somerset.

  • There is a new access point north of the Cratbree and N King Charles


Wanderer- Thank you for the useful, specific feedback. I post this map in various to a. socialize it so more people will use the greenways and b. to elicit feedback like I got from you.

To answer your questions-

In general some places are not listed because they are not (in my opinion) applicable to users of the greenway, such as Sushi Mon (which is a great place, but I don’t think I would show up in my cycling gear). Or the map would simply get too busy and jumbled if I listed more places. Because this is built on google maps, anyone can zoom in and see exactly what business are where. Plus I tried to focus on businesses that are easily and more importantly SAFE to access from the greenway. So if there was a fun bottle shop close to the greenway but you had to cross a busy road or ride on a busy road to get to it, I would probably leave it off. I did add Whole Foods on Ridgewood, as it is right on the greenway. The map continues to be a work in progress and I edit it at least once a week.

Thanks again and please share the URL with anyone who is interested in using the greenway.

Cheers, Tim


For those of y’all who may not have followed our discussions on this in the past, our region could get a superhighway along I-40 dedicated for bikes

…and according to the draft work plan from our regional planners at CAMPO that is open for your feedback until this Valentine’s Day

This is expected to cost $5.18M over two fiscal years, with about 10% of the costs being subsidized by the RTF.


I am really starting to get more and more excited about this proposed bikeway. Unlike the commuter rail, which always is “about 10 years away” from being reality, this one has actually has a chance to be ready sometime before I retire. And I could use it for my daily commuting out to RTP. It’s about 18 miles for me one way, which with an e-bike, commute time could rival being stuck in I-40 on some days, plus I would get some exercise instead of sitting in a car.


I can’t believe that this video is promoting cycling without a helmet!

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