Fayetteville Street Developments and Vitality

I welcome it. More interesting retail options are a pleasant addition.


Gen Z loves thrifting. Along with interior design, we’re generally seeing a retail shift.

Not my thing, but intellectually I like that it’s good for the environment.


Yep, that’s the place. The address is oddly wrong in Google street view, but I saw it with my own eyes today!

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Maybe one day Raleigh’s companies will try to help our City Center.


RJR and Hanes built Winston-Salem and are extremely committed to the city. It’s a company town at heart. Means Winston has a lot of cool old buildings and neighborhoods, but also deep post-industrial economic challenges.

We don’t have an industrial heritage like that (which is an advantage in many ways).


When visiting WS, company town is definitely the first thing that hits you. Basically Durham’s sister city…


Winston Salem has great bones and there Art District is awesome its actually a real District with alot of cool stores and Art, and we have to also remember Winston Salem was the Business Hub of North Carolina at one point not Raleigh or Charlotte, they had so much power and influence they could get colleges and banks to relocate there, Wake Forest.


Most of my family lives in or near Winston-Salem. My entire family was all RJR employees (including myself three summers during college). In the late 90s/early 2000s, WS became a pretty depressing place to be. Big tobacco was drying up, a lot of the textile mills were heading south of the border, and the big banks (Wachovia and BB&T) moved to Charlotte. I promised myself that if I ever made it out of there, I wouldn’t be going back. That is what happens when the bigest industries in a city start to fail. Just look at the Rust Belt.

Thankfully, WS has begun to turn things around. I still love my little “big” city, but I’m sticking to my greener pastures here in Raleigh.


WFU was bought with tobacco money. When I arrived in the early 1970s, our desks had little tin ash trays for our use and some profs smoked during lectures. If you toured the factory next to the football stadium, you got free Winston, Salem or Camel cigs. We went for the free rolling papers :man_shrugging:t4:. Cough.