Fayetteville Street Developments and Vitality

I find this update interesting but it could just be useless.

CP-5-18 is a request to amend the Street Plan Map (Map T-1) of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The proposal requests to extend Fayetteville Street’s Main Street, Parallel Parking street plan classification south by approximately 210 feet from Lenoir Street to South Street, through the city owned property located at 10 West South Street. This proposed addition to Map T-1 will require the construction of the Fayetteville Street extension and dedication of the public right-of-way if and when 10 West South Street is redeveloped.

Read more here. (I don’t have time to dive in just yet)


Bring on the Raleigh Slightly Wider Open festival!


Thank you Leo!
I find it very good news as it tells me the city is finally ready to extend this street and allow for the sale of the land directly there after? Bring on the new buildings and take up that parking lot.


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I saw that the Department of Transportation is planning to sell their Transportation Technology Center on Fayetteville. Wondering if y’all have heard anything else about what could potentially go on this site.

Im not very good with iMaps. What’s this zoning?

I actually really like the state buildings that surround the capital. Reminds me of DC/London.



By the way, Empire owns the two plots to the south at 0.14 ac each. If 3 lots combined ~1/2 acre.

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If 3 lots combined, ~100’x200’ site dimensions would be about the size as Skyhouse footprint…


Just realized this is NOT the Court of Appeals building but the one between it and Capital City. Would be a great lot for redevelopment!

I’m a big fan of the Court of Appeals building.


Right next door to Wells Fargo. If something even between 20-40 stories was built up here, in addition to the 121 Fayetteville proposal - this could be a nice, dense cluster of towers!

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On the other hand, what if we got rid of all the tall buildings near that unimpressive little Capitol building that doesn’t even get used much…That way it would seem bigger, and we could all pretend it’s the 1800s still!

(For reference, the Capitol from my hometown, because I’m feeling extra snarky this morning…)

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To be fair, North Carolina was a very poor state for a long time, eclipsed by Virginia to our north and South Carolina to our…south. We were known as a “veil of humility between two mountains of conceit” so this beautiful example of Greek revival architecture fit our standing.


Which Batman movie was that Wayne Manor in?


Do you mean vale (valley) of humility?


That’s what I said! :man_facepalming:t2: Haha thanks for the correction.

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I love the capitol! Much more stately and sublime than NY’s crazy late 19th c pile of overworked architectural cliches. I also love our replica of the statue of Washington. LaFayette said it was the beat likeness of GW he’d seen.
But if you don’t like this building, just imagine how small and boring the one it replaced was!!


That photo conveniently omits Rockefeller State Plaza, one of the worst urban renewal projects in American history.