Food Halls and Grocery Stores in downtown Raleigh

I’m glad something is happening with that after Sax really dropped the ball on that for so long. I hope whatever gets built has some type of retail or space that complements Transfer. I’m fine if it’s a 20 story ultra luxury ivory tower, as long as the ground floor is good. Hope the new owner maybe talks to council members individually and gets some idea of what is feasible. I can’t see the Council makeup suddenly switching back to how it was before the last election. Although 2024 may be completely nuts come election time and all bets could be off.


Can they plant some flowers in there for now?

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No, it’s the wrong season to plant flowers.

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But by the time they get a permit for the flowers, it will be spring…if they act fast!!

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Indeed, they’d be smart to have ground floor retail not only along East St, but also facing the Transfer Co. courtyard, and have more small-footprint food spaces there. Food Hall, meet Food Courtyard.


Any idea with what he’s trying to build? I’m with everyone else in that, if we can get some retail in that area, that would be absolutely awesome. This area of Raleigh is slowly turning into something really cool. The Raleigh Wine Shop opened off Bloodworth, Transfer Co right there. I’ve got a lot of high hopes for the growth and progression of this area.


The hotel proposed for rezoning on Blount beside the Masonic Temple was designed at 16 stories on a lot about half the size of this one IIRC. **Anyone know the tallest building in Raleigh on a lot size less than .5 acres ?

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Not sure honestly, but if I were to speculate to make the money work, apartments would be my best bet. But that makes the situation with parking and the entrance off East St. very difficult to then incorporate retail unless it faced the courtyard to Transfer.

I should hopefully know more info in the coming months, but don’t expect any movement here anytime soon.


Last time I talked to the Alimentari folks about their meat selections they said they weren’t selling butcher items as well as they’d hoped and they’re doing more stuff to order rather than keeping stock. I wonder how early that trend emerged and whether Saxapahaw was aware of it, considering they’re neighbors over there. Might have given them cold feet about doing retail at Transfer.

I would have gone on the regular though. Especially if they brought some of their German beer selection with them. Oh well, fingers crossed for some kind of useful retail there in the end.


Flipside, I don’t think most people go to Transfer Co thinking “I’m going to buy ingredients to cook myself” but the addition of a grocery store might have changed that mindset.

Moot point either way!


I get my ground beef from Alimentari. Used to get eggs there as well.

Outside of some specific items, I noticed that the prices for a lot of those meat selections were pretty high for my taste. Based on what you mentioned, I’d wonder if they’re high because they have to account for meat not being purchased.

Just a frame of reference there. I’d wonder if them not directly carrying, but doing made-to-order would have an impact on price. It’s a bit difficult to justify spending that much, but I think it’s possible with the right marketing/advertising in place.

Not a lot of people know that this is incredibly high-quality meat. Pasture raised and locally sourced.

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It’s the best product around. Having chatted with them periodically, it’s interesting that they sell 4-5 times more product out of the Left Bank location adjacent to Sax Grocery rather than here in Raleigh.
Seems that the take away things / sandwiches are the kicker for the Transfer location. Maybe another market type setting would have benefitted everyone…? Locals also kinda struggled with the fish market aspect here.
Hopefully they get enough support to keep things rolling and will continue to evolve the ‘deli’ aspect when another location DTR presents itself for more of a multi-vendor market ( City Market, anyone…?).


Yeah I’m willing to pay for their meat. I’m not exactly a connoisseur but the difference is so clear. Plus as I understand it’s better for cholesterol, which is also a reason I don’t eat beef often to begin with.

Capital Bank Plaza on S. Fayetteville at Davie is on a narrow 0.28 acre lot with loading access from Wilmington. 15 stories there and may have been the tallest building in the City for a bit.

That is an office building that may be narrow enough to convert to residential down the line. Built in 1965.

Was briefly a tenant there. Was always impressed with the architectural look and land use efficiency.


Raleigh could use a few developments like this, especially along New Bern Ave and near City Market.


Everything I’ve ever bought from them has been excellent, but they’re a bit difficult to work with sometimes. They have ground pork to make their own sausage, but they will not sell you ground pork by itself. Same with salame a’la n’duja, which is an ingredient they use in some of their tigelles but will not sell to consumers.

More broadly, I don’t think TransferCo is well setup for something like a market - it can be difficult to park at, and hard to get in and out when you’re just trying to pick up some meat from Alimentari (or fish from Local’s when that was still an option) when you’re stopping through on your way home from work. I also think the lack of the SaxGen grocery store in the TransferCo development hurts, because you can’t really get a full meal’s worth of groceries from Alimentari, so you’d need to stop somewhere else if you’re just trying to pick up ingredients to cook that night.

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This would be perfect for RockawayKaneLandia…

.38 acre property formerly slated for Saxapahaw General Store on the market. Includes the permitted drawings for $1.5 million


Really hoping we get something like a grocery store on this lot. The design listed in that post looks fantastic.


Its been on the market for awhile. A couple years maybe? Must not be much interest at that price point.

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