Glenwood South Restaurant/Bar Renovations

The Pho Pho Pho Space is going to be a taco and tequila bar. Apparently it was supposed to have opened last October but had issues of some sort. It was also supposed to open this coming Friday but has been slightly delayed so probably the next couple of weeks. The space was purchased by the same owner as the Bison Bar.

Interesting. Well, sounds like we will have tacos on the south, middle and north end of glenwood south. Sounds good to me, keep bringing in restaurants!


Oh, and when I poked my head in to look around, a gentleman who is helping open the place offered me a bar tending job. I told him I simply don’t have time for a second job. :joy: So, if you’re looking for work, they’re hiring. :slight_smile:

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Let’s pray they keep the Bison Bomb solely at their location on Whitaker Mill Rd. Tons of people drinking those on Glenwood South might be troublesome.
1-ounce Fireball shot. In another glass: grenadine, more Fireball and Sprite. And in another one-ounce shot glass: Jameson Irish Whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream. In still another glass: four ounces of Guinness. Finally, it’s a pitcher with 8.5 ounces of Red Bull and a shot of vodka

Lady Luck seems to be making quite a bit of progress via their insta stories. Looks very interesting, fun and different than what we currently have. I don’t think it will be according to what we’ve seen so far… but I just hope its not similar to the “alchemy” vibe… 1 Alchemy is already 1 too many… haha :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing it when it opens.

Yes. Let’s keep them serving only on Whitaker Mill where drinkers are more likely to have to drive a car after consuming it. :wink:

^^^ Love this! :heart_eyes:

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Just learned this weekend Pho Pho Pho was closed. Disappointing. I thought they had a good product and nice atmosphere. But I only went on weeknights.


They were among the worst pho for the most money in the area. Not upset by this news at all.

Where do you get pho in the area? I’d like to try it.

-Saigon Pho in Starmount Plaza (on Capital Blvd): It used to be “Pho Cali House of Noodles” and then changed to another name, but has always had great pho.
-Pho Sure on Six Forks: (not sure how much longer they’ll last, as the whole plaza is slated for a reno) - surprisingly really good pho for such a gimmicky name; get their spicy pho, REALLY good.
-Pho Vietnam on Buck Jones (Cary): Not my favorite, but definitely decent, especially price-wise.

Pho Pho Pho broth was flavorless to me when I tried it. And for Pho, it’s ALLLLL about the broth. But then again, it’s always personal taste, so if you dug PPP, I’m sorry for your loss!


Agreed… its all about the broth. I will have to check out these spots, especially now that its cold cold. Thank you!

Best Viet food in the area is Pho Xpress in Brier Creek in my opinion


I will def have to try that. I’m always down to give new (or new-to-me) pho spots a try!

@Patrick another place that is oft recommended is Pho Far East, also up Capital, but the time I tried it I found it to be bland, and the noodles too mushy and beef overcooked.

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Pretty sure this is just for rooftop work, but it’s still a crane!

Ps, I wanted to put this in the Raleigh Pics thread but I have the last 3 posts and Discourse won’t let me have more than 3 posts in a row. :man_facepalming:t3:


Got you! To actually comment on this photo - I don’t hate this building simply because it’s the tallest thing in the Glenwood area, but I certainly wouldn’t mind some taller stuff around it to kind of drown it out!


I love Glenwood Towers because it’s a huge, dense, affordable, senior housing building in a walkable, urban area. That is the sort of thing that it takes to have a real city and I am so glad that it is there. It brings a bunch of residents who presumably drive a lot less than average to the neighborhood. It’s literally a block from Publix. It must be solid construction; it had a fire a couple years back. Even with no sprinkler system, the fire never spread beyond one unit, and, as far as I am aware, no major long term ill effects. I’ll take it.

I am not in love with its aesthetic, but I can cope with that. There is a certain beauty to a utilitarian building. Function over form. Fine.

What I despise is its site plan. Especially not the single-loaded row of parking facing Glenwood. Kills the streetscape for an entire block, all for the sake of just 32 parking spaces. Sigh.

I am not normally a fan of parking decks but in this case building one would be a huge improvement. You could take the parking deck from 712 Tucker and fit it on the Glenwood Towers block at the corner of Boylan & Johnson, and replace every lost parking space in just two levels. That leaves the whole frontage along Glenwood Avenue free to do something else with. A lawn/park? Toss up some low-rise single story retail?

Financing and motivation is the missing piece, though. Providing a vibrant streetscape is obviously not RHA’s mission.


Thumbs up for @orulz and his gritty determination to like Glenwood Towers and the Capital Bank tower. Props!


Remember working at a clinic on Jones Street just above Glenwood in 1992. Had patients coming to see us from Glenwood Tower, and can remember doing some house calls back in the day.

There was a pharmacy on the southeast corner of Peace and Glenwood, and the only food options within walking distance was Snoopy’s, Char-Grill, and the Sunflower Sandwich shop. 42nd Street Oyster Bar was close by, but something one did on too regular of a basis.

Pine State was a going concern, but not for long. And, 518 West opening was huge. Otherwise, lower Glenwood was pretty sleepy.


If @orulz also loves the Archdale Building, we’ll be 3 for 3. Sound off Orulz!