Midtown vs. Downtown

Not to get thrown off track in regards to downtown topics, But as far as development projects and growth goes, what’s your take on the status and continued office/hotel/retail developments between DTR and MTR ? Please feel free to add any pics.

Note : construction site of Tower 4 in North Hills.


What’s my take? “Kane gets $#it done”. :wink:


Kane keeps building like crazy in NH. I don’t think this has to take anything away from downtown. But I would like to see more connectivity between the two. I can envision a high density mix used corridor from downtown all the way to midtown in the future if some key items are addressed. (I think this was along the lines o what Kane was pitching for the downtown Amazon corridor).

Downtown heading north, after peace street along capital - and then up through WF rd. This corridor is severely dated and run down and needs revamping all the way around. The Capital rd project will help some. And I think there is a planned greenspace along Pigeon Branch.

I would like to see WF rd street scaping from about Krispy kream, all the way to to Costco and Duke Raleigh Hospital. Make it more pedestrian and and bicycle friendly - connect WF rd to WF rd where Capital passes across it. There is a lot of ripe land in this area with mostly warehouses or generally run down property that could be developed.


Have to say “Park at North Hills” looks more downtownie and friendly than most of downtown.

Would have been nice if the proposed pedestrian bridge/tunnel (do not recall which) over to North Hills had been built.


Kane Kan!! …


Really need to get a new camera. All these misty shots. Haha


Regardless of what they’ve done at Park at North Hills, it’s still fake version of an urban area. It’s almost Disneyesque in its structure and function, plus it’s also inwardly focused & contained that the adjacent neighborhoods are all but ignored.
While the overall North Hills/Midtown redevelopment is certainly better than the strip development that is pervasive across the Triangle, it’s still almost exclusively auto-oriented for those who aren’t residents of the development. Even then, the context of project along a major/busy corridor (Six Forks), makes walking from the east side to the west side uncomfortable at best.
If you look at what Kane is doing in phase 2 (Smokey Hollow), downtown, he’s creating a project that’s stretching and engaging Glenwood South through a pedestrian corridor. He’s also abutting the West Condo project, thus strengthening downtown’s urban credentials.
Between the two, give me downtown every day of the week.


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