Moore Square

That part confused me a bit. They mentioned that there is going to be 1800 square feet reserved for artist studios and each studio would be about 100 square feet. So, the mock-ups have about 8 studios unaccounted for unless I’m missing something.

There aren’t enough spaces in Raleigh for artists and makers to create. With that in mind, we have carved out street-level space along Person Street for this purpose. A series of 100 SF studio spaces will be made available for affordable rent to artists in need. We envision a row of studios with glass fronting the street that allows pedestrians to peek inside to see artists at work. We also imagine one of the spaces could be reserved for Moore Square Middle School students.

Thought it was pretty cool that they’d set aside one of the studios for the middle school across the street.

EDIT: Additionally, the artist studios are used to cover up the outside of the 30-car parking garage. The rest of Raleigh could take some lessons on this. This is a really cool way to do it.


Oh its probably just 18 studios. I was trying to make a joke about how the letters just happened to line up perfectly with the spaces. Right now, I’m sure everything is just funny lines and very prelim.


Anyone seen a height estimate for the tower? 32 stories should be significantly taller than Skyhouse. Hard to tell from the rendering.

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Parcel east of Moore Square is zoned for 12 stories.

Parcel east of City Market is zoned for 7 stories.

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It was rezoned by the city to 20 and 12 for the east block and 12 for the south site. The RFQ submittal mentions an 8 month rezoning process built into the schedule for the east site.


Not a real design! I don’t think the buildings will look like these renderings.


Missed that DX-20 bump.

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Ah, silly me. Thanks for that. Who’s ready for another J Davis special!

It’s not your fault. Imo, it would do us all a lot of good if the industry went back to watercolor renderings for concept art. The trend is these high quality photorealistic renderings that just create confusion, because they imply a level of detail that is far beyond where we are in the actual design process.

It’s probably helpful to think of the design as it exists today as being at this point:

At a proposal stage, the massing and program is really the only thing that has been deeply studied. And even then, it is subject to change, because it’s likely that consultants haven’t been engaged yet. This is literally just the architects’ first attempt at piecing together different program into an arrangement that executes an organizational strategy that makes sense on the site and meets requirements set by the developer. Then, some intern is spending a few days articulating the massing model with a façade that’s realistic enough to look good in a rendering and convince the selection committee that the team can produce something great if awarded the project. Months/year from now, when they actually get to designing the building, they could use the rendering as a guide. OR, they could throw it out the window and start again. The actual design process for a façade design can take months.

Also, my office is listed in the proposal. I don’t know if we’re the architect or doing the urban design component, but… if it’s the former, thankfully, this won’t be a J Davis special :slight_smile:


This does like really nice! Let’ hope they stay the course on the design.

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As someone who lives adjacent to more square, I really hope the grocery store happens


Basketball in the Square all day today. :basketball:


Man, these DOT road signs are getting way more advanced…

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The children’s book festival event in Moore Square has been bringing in families to the downtown all day today.

Beyond the Book

It’s nice to have places where things can happen.


Read while you can, before there all banned :cry::sob:


Anyone know if there are any updates on the Loden RFPs for the sites east and south of Moore Square? Been doing a lot of digging and I can’t find anything new since February or so.

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Financing drying up quickly for all but the very
big like Hines, Trammel Crow, Hoffman, Kane still looks like he has a direct line to Jamie Dimon. Most anyone else, gotta pony up some equity.

From the beginning their proposed schedule was longer than the others. Partly the rezoning they will need to apply for and I think also because of the variety of uses included and entities to work with.


Some timelines you posted in January:

They were predicting completion of rezoning August, but they haven’t submitted yet. Hopefully it just means that they are taking their time to get their ducks in a row, and isn’t indicative of a problem with getting financing. Might be time to start worrying in July if the rezoning application still hasn’t been submitted (or if they don’t start applying for permits soon after the rezoning passes).


I assume rezoning shouldn’t take too much time if they stick to the original RFP since it was agreed upon by the city council. Would hopefully just be a procedural thing