Moore Square

Exactly. According to everyone in Austin or SF or Brooklyn, they all peaked the year that person moved there and have declined since.


My first thought before I even read this was “yeah that probably fits the period that the average user was in college or their peak 20s nicely”


Then one day they realized that it was THEM that peaked, not the city.



Late to this discussion but funny how my view used to be looking directly down at MS station and now it’s looking directly across at the NH Target. Will say there are fewer flashing blue lights over in these parts!



Moore Square doesn’t just have problems anymore. It’s a continuous unhealed wound in the middle of our, growing, city where decision makers/leaders want to remedy the situation with painted sidewalks and string lights while not properly addressing the root cause of the issue for fear of being politically incorrect and hurting feelings. All this while business owners are looking for their next move out of Moore Square and residents find other areas of the city to frequent and spend money. It’s a shame that the core of downtown Raleigh suffers from the current situation it’s in due to lack of action, and it will only get worse. Of all the places in Raleigh to go and new areas coming online (Seaboard, West End, Dorothea Dix, Future Downtown South) why in the world would I take my family to Moore Square?! I guess Raleigh will study it for a few more years and create another task force hoping it magically resolves itself, since this has worked well in the past :upside_down_face:

Rant over.


They also have hired private security, which I’ve seen walking the sidewalks in broad daylight along with many other happy people.
It will resolve with time


Lol way to piss your pants


Someone put a brick through the front window at the Pourhouse. Didn’t have my phone with me on my walk this morning.


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5 years ago + $13 million working with ‘experts’ to create a welcoming space in, what was, one of the top 5 most toured destinations in Raleigh… :man_shrugging:

“ The city and Sasaki worked overtime to uncover all points of view before they began designing. They held sessions with every major constituency affected by the square, including schools, churches, regular users, restaurateurs, business owners, officials at Marbles Museum, the African American community in nearby South Park, and those concerned with the plight of the homeless. “


No offense, but I hate this approach. If your solution to crime is waiting for a national resolution, you are going to be waiting for a long long long time.

We’re not trying to sweep the problem away. We are trying to help them. Part of understanding the problem is also realizing that many of these people don’t want help. They want to continue doing drugs and being able to do any and everything else they want.

We are doing that.

I don’t know of any ongoing suspicions. If you’ve got evidence, I’d love to hear it. But, the solution here is pretty simple. We need to make sure we have competitive offers so we can compete with other local cities in acquiring and attaining our police force.


I understand the problem is much bigger than our litte city. However, if the root of a great problem isnt being solved in America, then someone must be making a profit. Right? History has consistently shown this to be the case in this country. Raleigh is no different. We may need to do a grand audit and rules may need to be changed within our city government. Oh yeah and this country is financing several major proxy wars right now…

It would help for people to leave their comfort bubble and become hands-on. Homelessness is just a reality in our 2024 society. Ive easily joined several volunteer groups that help the disenfranchised. Nothing makes you feel better than helping people hands on.

Rug sweeping is nice, but temporary… Downtown is basically located in south Raleigh, the poorest part of town.


Seems like a rather broad generalization.

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I said many of these people don’t want help. Not all. It was intentionally a generalization. And it’s not wrong.


Sure, but it’s not always who you think it is. Attempting to halt all activity to solve this in the best way that we can because we need to focus on the bigger picture can be a losing strategy. It’s entirely possible, if not extremely likely, that it never gets resolved.

And, if it doesn’t get resolved, then we could set ourselves back years, if not decades, in our attempts.


Are our homeless shelters filled to capacity? I remember seeing an article late last year that there were 2 new shelters set to open this year.

Was in Atlanta last week for business…our homeless problem is never as bad as what I see in other “big” cities. Man, it’s really bad there.


That’s why I don’t understand when ppl get on here and complain about the homeless issue we have in Moore Sq/DTR. I get it, it’s not favorable. But it’s NOTHING compared to what you see in other major cities. Homelessness is a reality you see everywhere, even small cities nowadays. Tbh we should be thankful it’s not an even bigger issue than what it is, considering Wake County’s population.


The meltdowns over relatively minor criminal activity and homelessness for a city of Raleigh’s size are pretty silly, but they seem to be having a real impact on businesses around Moore Square, which isn’t silly at all.


The issue is density, and I mean density of pedestrians. When you’re walking down a street and there’s few other walkers around except the vocal crazies, it feels much more personal. However, if a bum says crazy stuff to someone in a crowded area it’s easy to brush it off and feel safe despite the incident.


We need more housing