Nash Square Apartments at Dawson/Martin

By the end of October

I’m praying that this project becomes a reality and gets built soon.
Note: a rendering of the Nash Square apartments downloaded .


I’m praying they have to massively downscale and thus opt not to demo the Berkley Building to save cost, and sell it to Greg Hatem or someone who actually gives a shit about historic buildings in our city.


I don’t really care about the Berkeley building but will be very annoyed if it gets demo’d and replaced by an empty lot for 5+ years. Which would seem to be the most likely outcome as of now


From DTR experience, the Berkeley building will be razed! It will sit for a long while and then be replaced with what I believe is called a four over-1 building. :cry:

Today’s the last day for the Berkeley Cafe, right?

Last day for food. Sounds like they’re gonna be open for drinks through Sunday.


Went there yesterday, the mood wasn’t somber it was conversational. My mom used to work for the N&O so she went here a lot good food. I’ll miss seeing it.


I’ll miss it. Not many gems like it left and won’t have the same feel at Fiction Kitchen, but at least the amazingly underrated sandwiches will live on.

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Yep I hear drinks will be served till Friday?

Weird, I heard Sunday. 3 posts above yours. From Berkeley Cafe’s Instagram.

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I use to go there for lunch late 90’s and knew the owner. Place was laid back cool. One lunch they were short staffed so I went behind the counter and refilled drinks and my boss walked in asking If I worked here too? Great memories.


Can’t remember the last time I was here during the day. Sad to lose the Berkley, it’s hard to create bars like this, but bring on the development!


Hey nice running into you!
Here’s the inside where I was! Lol


Is there a list somewhere of recent projects that have been cancelled?? That comment sounds concerning, and I haven’t been around for awhile keeping up on DTR news.

Good seeing you dude. You missed the vibe out back, it was full of interesting transient folk from all over. One girl talking to my wife said she’ll be a ski instructor this upcoming season in Big Sky, Montana while also only learning how to ski herself just last year! Reminding myself that I’ll be teaching our son to ski.

It’s a shame we’ll lose Berkley, it seems to attract these intriguing individuals.

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Any news on this? Hoping things still a real thing?

Got to wait for interest rates to go down.

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I thought this was officially unofficially still on but not actually moving forward at the moment according to someone’s little :bird:. Whatever that means.

I also hope it’s paused for a few months and not cancelled.

Went by the new Berkeley spot and it looks like not much done since Fiction Kitchen left. There are blueprints on a table though, so hopefully moving along.

Edit: well maybe this is Berkeley stuff in there after all. Apparently the bar got finished.


A birdie tells me there’s movement on this lot. Perhaps grading is taking place? Site prep?