NCAE "block" - Salisbury Square

Hooray for increasing connectivity and getting rid of a dead end! As you might guess, I’m a big fan of improving the street grid!


Shame about Salisbury Street not being straightened.


Unless the Western/McDowell interchange is also majorly redesigned, I’m having a hard time seeing how traffic flow wouldn’t be cripplingly confusing…?

I’m down for improving the post-Christmas street grid, in principle, but I don’t get how extending the dead end into such an already-busy interchange helps at all.


A redesign of the interchange is proposed, but not certain. The northbound on ramp from MLK would be taken out and a left turn light would be installed to direct those drivers onto the ramp that merges onto northbound saunders. Where this road interests MLK will be where the light will be. Again, this is just proposed and NCDOT has to sign off because S Saunders is still a numbered highway.


I’m revising my request for a gondola to include a tunnel via the Boring company for additional volume and inclement weather.

Doesn’t have to be hyper loop. So many possibilities!


Innnnnteresting. Where have I seen this idea before??:thinking:

Bummed that a new road would cut through my dream ballpark, but c’est la vie.


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Not sure if these new renderings have been posted, but I really hope this actually gets built.


This was a pleasant surprise this morning.


This is one of those buildings that will look nicer in real life than in diagrams. I just hope they start building it sooner than later. The wait for some of these projects is too much.


Really looking forward to this project and was definitely some needed good news for downtown to see this submission. Thanks @Teamsguy3 for giving us the heads up about this project

let’s hope so :grinning:

Have details for Lot 4 "Future Multi-Unit Living Building’ been revealed yet? Seems like that’s something to look forward to as well. Maybe a third 20-story tower.


I just noticed this project is for north of Kindley Street… Wonder what will happen on the property south of Kindley… Phase II maybe?

Plus we have no idea what is going to happen on the other side of the railroad tracks since it seems that Exploris/City Gateway is dead. The City is extending Kindley Street to Western, so that will give us two blocks on the west side of the tracks to build up as well.

These properties could really be an interesting cluster of development over the next several years.

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Never mind, it’s just the ‘6-story, 150 room hotel’ part of Salisbury Square. My bad, I guess that’s going to be built at a later stage.

This is a cool project. I think the result will feel like a one block extension of downtown’s footprint. It may feel slightly isolated for a bit, but if/when the city’s parcels in front of the Performing Art Center get developed there will be a ton of development in what was previously a sleepy area except for the PAC.

I’m pretty optimistic about this getting done relatively quickly. Dominion Realty Partners has a good track record. Kane gets a ton of deserved credit for getting things done, but DRP has done a good bit and flies more under the radar: PNC Plaza, Charter Square, FNB Tower, and the office portion of the Wade development by PNC Arena.


This is very last minute but if you’re interested in hearing from Dominion Realty Partners, they’re having a webinar in 30 minutes regarding COVID and this project.


They mentioned nothing about this project unless I zoned out during that part.

I think we saw the same Zoom. I submitted a question at the end asking why it was referenced in the marketing but not discussed at all. Kind of a waste of time. My only take away was the impact PPP has had on banks and lending and that we should see an uptick in projects/lending starting possibly as soon as July.


Well lookey there…a 20 story commerical building that’s taller than 250 feet.