Nickelpoint Brewery on West St (the cell tower lot)

Ok, we have prior renderings of a development here, then what looks like site prep, and now a :bird: heard from someone AT Nickelpoint that they’re moving to this lot on West St! What a fantastic location for them!

@dtraleigh , probably have some other posts that could be moved here?


Nickelpoint is a brewery, correct? Are they moving their entire brewery operation here, or just a tap room?

This is excellent news! So they are moving and not adding a location? Hope they bring the bus if so!

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I am not sure where this needs to go…BUT there is work now commencing at the cell tower lot at S. West and Cabarrus. So maybe we are going to get that cool beer garden thingie?? Soon??


Probably West St corridor thread but I’ll defer to @dtraleigh obviously.

I got this one yesterday driving by and forgot to post!


Is this the food hall / market thing? If that is starting then we need a new thread for it. I remember this rendering.


That’s the safest assumption at this point I think.

Brought back to the table by the following article and reported by @svp!



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There has been periodic maintenance on the cell tower that I’ve mistakenly thought was movement on the project over the years, so I’m reluctant to get my hopes up.

Is the adjacent section of the property still a car storage lot (or who knows what’s really going on there)?

Towing company and garage still there and being used. I do know that some cleaning out of those warehouse buildings on the corner just started and that would go with this project (presumably).

I noticed that they stopped having the construction crew park there in the last month or so. Perhaps things are starting to happen.

If I remember correctly, the cell tower still has something like a 10-year lease on that property, so it may not actually go anywhere. But maybe I’m mistaken!

Yes that is correct on the cell tower. That is also my understanding as to why they were going to do this type of development (for now) as opposed to redevelopment and a total redo of the site (ie a big ole high rise).

But think of the amazing cell phone reception at whatever goes there then!


I’ve got an idea for the #WestEndWareHallOasis



Good for them if your bird is correct, but does that mean they’re vacating the FivePoints location or this is a second? Two, was kinda hoping this site was multiple projects or a food hall (cart!!!) kinda thing, so would love to see some more info roll out if the :owl: wants to hoot…?

They’re the brewery next door to Neuse River. Pretty sure they brew their stuff on site because I feel like you walk near/past the production stuff when heading to the bathrooms.

I feel if they move from five points to here it’s just sitting there for Neuse River to expand into that space or maybe another brewery takes it.

Something like that in Wakefield by the Y and the elementary school I used to walk by it everyday heading to the y from school.

WOO HOO!!! Very Exciting.

Got this from a :bird:
Looks like they’re starting renovations!