One Glenwood and Origin Hotel


I’m thinking that they look like hotel rooms by HGTV Fixer Upper. I’d rather have modern rooms, but with comfortable mattresses. The one ALoft bed I’ve slept in was horrendous.


Residence Inn, can’t they hire some graffiti artists and unf**k the western facing walls? They’re so ugly and face exactly where most downtown images are shot.


I don’t know where they are fitting this hotel…


in front of the parking deck. i thought i already clarified this for you. look up the site plans if you need more specifics.


That wasn’t a question beckoning clarification, more of a “I can’t believe they are going to squeeze it in there” with picture for reference. Regardless of what the plan is, it already feels like a hallway. It seems there should have been more setback between the two buildings.


Should have been sidewalk seating, but will not allow with this narrow corridor.
But hey, I have seem corridors that are narrower than this in other big cities.


There certainly appears to be enough room between the deck and the street for a single loaded run of hotel rooms. As for the sidewalk, there’s no reason to think that that room+corridor depth needs to be the same at the sidewalk level. The upper floors can easily cantilever over the sidewalk that would then help cover the walkway and improve the sidewalk experience.


Could but isn’t going to be.


Starting to shape up.