Possible New Development Locations and Projects - Rezonings

I don’t necessarily think affordable housing conditions are bad lmao… there were affordable housing conditions on that West/Peace 30-story rezone request that was ultimately denied anyway. Let’s put our frustrations in the right place, here…

Anyone know what this is about?


Sounds like this is about the TOD rezonings for the New Bern BRT?


If so, watch them kill all of them. Then we will soon after hear how BRT doesn’t work.


Very very important to attend any council meetings with those rezonings and speak in support. The BRT will fail if this corridor cannot be densified.

The properties will eventually be redeveloped no matter what due to their proximity to downtown; vitally important that it won’t be more low density housing.


Maybe if it fails they could put the next phase somewhere people actually want to go, and where people won’t bitch about it gentrifying their crappy property.

Edit: what I guess I wanted to say was that I think something going on an already popular route to entice people who wouldn’t normally use buses would’ve been a better idea in my uneducated opinion. Something like phase 1 is 2023 museums to memorial auditorium via Salisbury St, phase 2 is 2024 and extends to N Person St via Harrington, and phase 3 is 2026 and extends to Downtown South. A bus every 10 or 15 minutes with an app to track the location so you’re not sitting outside waiting, a small fee to keep the vagrants off, and AC/WiFi. The businesses already exist in this route, and in future they could charge a tax on them if this proves successful since it would drive business to them. It would help convention center visitors get up to Smoky Hollow and N Person St, families visiting museums get around, etc. I feel like some version of this would be a way easier win than going to a hospital from the Capitol along a route no one outside the area wants, and apparently many people inside the area don’t want either. If this was successful, it could spread west to Hillsborough St near Bloc 83 and NC State, Meredith, etc. and to the east to Transfer and the eventually gentrified neighborhoods over there.


It’s just white people thinking they speak for black people. I need you guys white people to teach other white people to shut up about black people and that they don’t speak for us. Honestly this is a heavy black corridor with black people most black peoples probably happy about this. Jane Harrison definitely doesn’t speak for us, none of them do Corey Branch this I think is his district he speak for the people. I’m so goddamn tired of Livable Raleigh thinking they speak for us.

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Another big issue with the push to stop TOD is that the Feds took our plan to do TOD I to account when giving us money for BRT. Let’s say TOD gets killed on New Bern, then when we go for the BRT money for the 3rd and 4th routes the fed can decide not to give those money because we won’t do what we said. This is a really big potential issue!


Are you able to come speak at the council meeting when this rezoning gets sent there? Some diversity on the pro side could go a long way.


Yeah just let me know direct message me the time. I however going to wear a face covering because Livable Raleigh and their minions are stalking me taking screenshots of this very website etc.


Z-87-22 pushed once again to June 6, thanks a lot Jane Harrison swear she now number 1 target to take out of office next year.

That’s not accurate. The applicant asked for it to be moved. You should check things first before posting.


My agenda I do not try to hide it. Can’t even hide my contempt. Thanks for telling me.

Ye olde train station at the corner of Davie and Dawson is up for sale. TBJ says the current tenants will move out by the end of year. Surprisingly this building isn’t on the historic register.



It he as been modified too much to make it on the register.


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The 215 N. Dawson rezoning got hit with the Additional Materials Required (though it might just mean that it’s new and everything isn’t uploaded yet):



Is this recirculated old news or is there real activity with the City Gateway project?

High-rise building proposed for downtown Raleigh could house more than 2,700 apartment units, documents say

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“Details are not fully vetted in the rezoning request but the nearly seven-acre plot would be converted into a mixed-use development if approved by the city. Documents show it could house as many as 2,776 apartment units.”

That’s um, a lot of apartments. I think these numbers might be just a bit hypothetical…


2776 is an oddly specific number but I’ll take it!

This, and something similar across the way at Heritage Park, would be an absolute game changer for Raleigh.