Possible Tourist Attractions

I created this forum/topic to see what cool ideas we can bring to the table to determine possible (world renowned) tourist attractions that could be constructed in Raleigh. They could be inside or outside of downtown. I know we have a forum that is somewhat similar and consists of showing off other cities’ attractions but, I don’t want any example attractions from other cities; Raleigh should stay unique and should not become a copycat city.


A six flags. I still can’t understand why there isn’t one. And a water park.


Market our outdoor and active lifestyle better, including the Nuese River Trail and the Tabacco Trail, which are 1st class.

I also wrote a rather lengthy post in another thread about packaging a College Basketball Experience with arena/facilities tours, games, history, etc. for the 3 area teams and marketing it nationally.


I think it is crazy that there isn’t at least a mid-size water park. It is warm enough for a large part of the year, and lots of smaller cities have them.


I believe that good new attractions could be:

  • Water park inside of a mixed use building :man_shrugging:t4:
  • Extremely large garden (largest in the world? on the surrounding city?)
  • Largest solar and wind power park in the world?

Posted this in the branding thread awhile back:

I’ve always thought Raleigh should embrace its role as the “hub” of the region and offer half-day and full-day bus tours for those staying downtown without cars. Some tour ideas:

  • Downtown Durham
  • Duke campus
  • Chapel Hill and Carrboro
  • Saxapahaw
  • East Carolina BBQ tour
  • NC Zoo (full day)
  • Wilmington (full day)
  • Pilot Mountain (full day)

I also love the “College Basketball Experience” idea, @ScrantonUSC.


Raleigh Aquarium
College Basketball Museum
Small City Zoo


A multi-screen cinema complex for @john with a large fountain in front.


Double whammy!!! I still think a waterfall curtain that doubles as a movie screen would be cool. Certainly not HD material, but maybe it’s just a projection of art and not actually a video/movie. I think the combination could be really cool if executed right.


Just curious what others you compare these to. They are fine in my mind, but not extraordinary. I was just in Louisville and their Louisville Loop crushes our little swamp trails. Even like New River trail in Galax has much better interest points along the way. I’d chalk it up to lifestyle stuff here but not destination stuff.

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Just places where I’ve lived (Eastern PA, Philly, Los Angeles, South Bend, Middle East). Of course, there are better trails out there, but I don’t necessarily think it needs to extraordinary in order to market it.

That said, I have a hard time believing the ATT can’t hold it’s own with any continuous long distance in the country. But like I stated above, I don’t seek out these types of trails all over the US, so it’s all relative to my experiences.

Don’t forget Rocky Mount Mills.

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I can’t believe no one has suggested the Creamed Corn Museum.


How about a creamed corn waterfall?


…and fountain…


Highly doubtful we’ll EVER get a theme park with Kings Dominion and Carowinds both about 2.5 hours away, and both owned by Cedar Fair - and with the tallest/fastest on the east coast (the 10/10-greatest-coaster-I’ve-ever-ridden Fury 325 at Carowinds) and SECOND tallest/fastest on the east coast (former-champ Intimidator 305 at KD), they’re just too much competition even for Six Flags. Then not to mention they both have their own waterparks, and we’ve got a Wet’N’Wild right outside GSO. I just don’t see either option as worth the risk to build in Raleigh.


Could create a movie of events and places around Raleigh that plays on the waterfall. That would not have to be HD and maybe ever better if LD so might encourage people to visit/attend the actual places/events.


Whatever happened to a Great Wolf Lodge? I thought there were plans to build one by the White Oak development in Garner. To me there’s no excuse that we don’t have a truly family oriented resort like that for a large region that’s toted so well for it’s family friendly living.

I just figured all the people like me who don’t want to spend 5 hours in the car to go to an amusement would be enough to keep them in business.

Growing up near Albany, there’s a Six Flags an hour north in Lake George and another an hour east in Agawam, MA. And we have way more people in the Triangle than the Albany area


I’m actually totally with you in that I’d love a Six Flags to open in/around Raleigh - the competition between them and Cedar Fair would probably result in an influx of incredible coasters in all parks - but I just don’t realistically see it happening :pensive:

The Fury is already ranked as the 5th tallest IN THE WORLD, so if a new park opened so close to it, they’d have to open out the gate with something (somehow) bigger and better, and Fury is one of the highest rated coasters across the board. I’d still make the drive to Charlotte just for that ride alone even if a Six Flags opened up 20mins away but with lesser coasters.