Prince Hall Historic District

Two separate hotel projects. An empty lot with a cell phone tower between them.


Thanks for the clarification everyone!!
I do think this is great - if they come to fruition . . .

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$750,000 to renovate the masonic lounge. I live across the street and have talked with both the developer and the architect. They’ve been working diligently with the masonic lodge next door and I’m really hopeful that they get this through. Empty parking lots add nothing and this area is in sore need for hotel space.


Speaking of parking, I assume the guests will park in the City Center deck?


Yup, the plan is for hotel guests to use the parking lot across the street.


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Could this project be in the works now after the rezoning effort the past few years…?


I don’t want to get overexcited here. Do we know what the intended use of this building is? Judging by the parking lot and the square footage, that lines up with a few possible grocery store brands. Looking through their book of work, they did do the design for the Fresh Market in the Village District:

Could be a lot of other things as well, but this side of downtown desperately needs a Grocery Store. Wouldn’t be too beat up if it didn’t get one, but I’d buy so many things from it.

EDIT: Looks like it’s owned by a group called ‘The Steel Pile LLC’. Not sure if there are any hints there, but I can’t find anything about them.

EDIT2: Just realized that it says ‘Beginning and Beyond Child Development Center’ on the document. I’m an idiot.

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That’s the current occupant on this lot. (The small building just past the red car in the photo on the left on the proposed perspectives page) I doubt that they are planning to build 20,000 SF of child care facility here.

My recollection from when they asked for the rezoning that it was planned to be a larger child care facility

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That’s disappointing that they had to decrease the size of the building, less kids will be able to attend the school.

Yeah, that would make sense for it to include a larger child care facility than the tiny one that’s there now, but the proposal calls for mixed use, and 20,000 SF would be really quite large for a child care facility.

Sorry, I meant a larger facility than what is currently there. David notes above ~20K SF

Application description says that it would be for “three-story community center to house expanded program for Beginning and Beyond Child Development Center, in addition to a full-size gymnasium and third-level roof deck”. So there ya go


That sounds really cool!

The vacant corner lot was an old service station that the City purchased, demo’d and sold to the children’s center in 2019 for this planned expansion, for what looks like dirt cheap. So I think some version of an expansion of the existing use may be a requirement.



(Squinting to see if that license plate is OUTATIME…)


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