Raleigh-area Mall / RTP Redevelopments

Me and the majority of property owners in the area have been screaming this since the budget went totally overboard. Which could be the reason the majority voted to ditch the whole thing and start over (because none of the options excluded the multi-use path). The majority of the excess costs come from the multi-use path and the land acquisition it requires.

The status quo is clearly not working for traffic safety or handling congestion. Having bike lanes and wider sidewalks increases the road capacity by thousands. It also helps make transportation more affordable for those with low economic mobility.


If they can’t widen this road or make it bike friendly just give it to the Northern BRT which could start construction for them quicker. These NIMBYs don’t give up. We really have to get energized in next years election because we have a mountains of opposition.

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It’ll help make the road bike friendly for people in the North Hills neighborhood.

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Not sure where to put this but anyone know what’s going on with this triangular lot on Glenwood, just north of the Harris Teeter shopping plaza? They’ve almost finished work on a large concrete wall that backs the homes behind it. The lot seems too small for a commercial development.


I see this on my drive home from work, and my guess has just been another big ass LuXuRy McMansion :man_shrugging:

Doubtful. Terrible lot for someone to drop major coin on a house. Basically 24/7 superhighway on your front door. Probably a little medical building of some kind.

Bingo. The building permit for the address (2717 Glenwood Ave) has the following description:



Reading through some of this six forks Rd commentary, catching up.

How dangerous is the corridor for motorists? I don’t know the stats, but it seems cars regularly navigate this area without death or injury. It may not be quick or convenient, but the congestion acts as a safety buffer. It forces drivers to pay attention and creates long crosswalk opportunities (long signal cycles).

If we’re not running BRT from DTR to NH yet, I say let it lie. Let the city live with the car sewer they wanted when they shot down transit numerous times in this area over the years


I’m on FoN/WF and Six Forks, (throw in a lil Atlantic Ave ) all the time and am in full agreement that more lanes is not the answer for a holistic approach to the corridor. Sad as it is to say, punting on this to include whatever shakes out of the North BRT plan focusing on Midtown linkages is the best path to not waste a whole lot more money…


And there still fighting it, even after begging for more transit.

Exactly - how are we not already planning BRT to NH from DTR?!?!

The people that disagree with us:


We are!! Take the survey my friend: Surveys on surveys on surveys - #292 by Jacobirving1


Photo dump of North Hills, etc.

Restoration Hardware


Thank you. Completed it. An extremely high level survey.


I’m still suspect about the price for adding the multi-use paths. Since the majority of the corridor has sidewalks, basically adding the 5 feet to each side shouldn’t be that expensive should it?

With the costs given, I feel that this includes still purchasing lots for potential expansion and is not solely taking into consideration the separate ped/bike facilities (which makes the cost seem too high). I’d find making the sidewalks wider to be an improvement that shouldn’t cost that much.

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Additional photos from North Hills:

A bit on the newer sections:
Left: Looking towards RH
Middle: Above the parking garage
Right: Featuring 1000 new parking spaces! :face_vomiting: Ok ok let the parking spaces be there, but I still wish they would have left the new street section between Kendra Scott and Peter Millar be pedestrian only up to behind Bartaco (see fourth picture above). I guess it could be closed for events.

Some things that are coming to NH:
Left: Limani Grille
Middle: Madewell
Not pictured: True Food Kitchen

Lastly looking at the Bal Harbour pop-up shop. Not that I would necessarily be a shopper that they would be targeting, but I do have to say I am disappointed in this one. The containers are isolated on the other side of the parking lot from the main district. Outside of being in between the containers, you see all the utilities. It might look better when the setup is done, but for now it’s not looking like a high end shopping area. I would have liked to have seen it better integrated into the Main District shopping area. After seeing it tonight, the company could have opted to fill existing vacant retail space as pop up shops. Given Block 83’s courtyard, I could see the shops taking some space in there. I know Crabtree has done pop up shops at times. I believe Smoky Hollow is pretty full, but the shops could have filled in existing vacant retail space there (if any vacancy).


Not to stray off topic, but if Madewell is coming here and has recently opened at Fenton, I think this means the Crabtree location is done. I can only expect Crabtree to start losing more tenants to NH unless the mall gets sold.

I’m shocked they still have Williams-Sonoma and the Apple Store. It’s such a tired shopping experience.

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Pardon the crappy picture but there are 2 new cranes up in the “Innovation District” of NH.