Raleigh-area Mall / RTP Redevelopments

Cartman was told that there would be punch and pie!

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More details from Cary’s mayor

Cary Community Sports and Recreation Center: $560 million with $75 million from Wake County

  • Community Center
  • Senior Center
  • Flexible Competitive Space for multiple sports options (e.g., 10 basketball courts)
  • A 4000-seat arena
  • Structured parking

May be part of a parks bond on Cary’s ballot as early as this fall, along with a greenway connecting Fenton to South Hills (and a future connection via Buck Jones Road and additional Raleigh-proposed trails to Lake Johnson).


Sounds like they don’t have an appetite for the full $560m build out all at once. The arena is the first element that they are cutting from the initial scope, although it is still planned to be built as a future phase.

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Considering it looks like they are planning to build it tightly around a basketball court, I can’t imagine that that. Plus the canes plan to build their own smaller arena on PNC site

What other arena the MLB stadium?

You’re saying this could be a bond this year.

yeah, the mayor of Cary specifically said on his blog on that post about the staff retreat, that they’ll be 2 phases, and IF phase 2 gets funded, THEN there would be a huge arena there for travel sports teams and e-sports/gaming. They have Populous as the design firm, so they’re not messing around.
The phase 2 arena is the big glowing pink blob in the photo. Please God have someone tear down the Motel 6 which is on land not included in plans to redevelop. That Motel 6 section of South Hills is like Cary’s very own New Bern Avenue in Raleigh. Yikes.


Hi all! New user here who has been lurking for awhile.

I did a quick search and didn’t see much discussion about the Midtown-St. Albans Area Plan. This seemed like the most relevant thread.

I moved to Raleigh last year and live in this area, and this plan addresses a lot of the issues I have with it. With this plan still being in the “Planning” phase, I’m curious how often concessions are made. What’s the likelihood that this plan is fully realized?


Although a lot of staff time and resources go into these (adopted) reports, they are guidelines for our elected officials. One election can change the philosophy of the council, and therefore their willingness to go forward on these projects can turn abruptly. Learn the candidates and their growth policy philosophy and vote accordingly.


Finally opening for those who care