Smoky Hollow Phases 1, 2, and 3

Retail and apartments!
@mike, you confirmed my memory of this being a single mixed use tower.
Clicking on that link, the photo made me again realize again the importance of the N&O lots.


Sounds like the first few restaurants that are signed on in Smoky Hollow will be working on their spaces starting mid May.


Imagine the view and vibe riding down capital with two 40 story towers welcoming you into downtown! Hope these happen




That was good stuff not the bland supper marked stuff get stuck with today.


I asked Joe if his mural was a hint that a new ice cream shop was coming to Smokey Hollow - he denied and said it was just paying homage.


It looks like there’s been a little bit of dirt movement in the Phase 3 lot. Maybe it’s just some utility work since we haven’t really seen any official announcements


I don’t think anything has gone in front of the appearance committee yet. Unless it’s continued brownfield remediation? I know the Zimmer lot across the street is still working on brownfield remediation.


It’s like a computer progress bar. (ie sloooowwww) :laughing:


I was just complaining about that yesterday to my parents lol

Wow double the amount of art work in only 3 months. :tada: :fireworks: >that’s sarcasm in case confused<

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There technically isn’t a new thread worthy topic (I don’t think?) but I may blow your mind, so please sit down if you’re not already.

If I were to ask any of you that are familiar with the Smoky Hollow development by Kane and said, if there were to be a SmoHo 4, where do you think it would it be? You’d probably all pick the Wake County General Services Center across Harrington St from the West Condos, south of Johnson St.

While that may end up being a “SmoHo 4”, there’s a business registered “Smokey Hollow 4, LLC” (yes, spelled wrong) that owns the green strip of land in the graphic below. Interesting information I got from someone (not Kane related, not Creamery project related) is that the Creamery project has rights to parking in that block as does Sullivan’s. What’s more interesting is that the parking rights are for the forthcoming mixed development planned for that block that will include a parking deck of which the parking rights apply to.

iMaps doesn’t reflect the same ownership name but it does say this is zoned DX-12.

EDIT: below map is slightly different than the original one I uploaded as the parcel in question is only the southern half of that sliver, not the full block on that side of the tracks.


Well that’s interesting. Maybe they just had that parcel next on their plans, and what we’re looking in the Wake County parcel is gonna be #5? I’d just like them to keep going, whatever their plans are.


The data is approx 1 year old so any COVID impacts wouldn’t be reflected in that information.

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If they build anything big there my head might explode


That is the high speed rail route (which is necessary, might I add, for the Artery idea, too)

They could put in a few spruced up shipping containers for a temporary use (since that seems like the cool thing to do) and that would be fine, or a food truck rodeo or some such. No towers there, plz. Really, no permanent new construction TBH


I was just about to say that! Maybe it’s something similar to Frontier RTP

Passed by today and it appears there’s some new construction fencing with black screening surrounding the phase 3 lot. A few weeks ago it appeared that some earth work was taking place.


I believe there’s brownfield remediation needed on that block (as well as the Zimmer block across Capital).


Really good article on Smoky Hollow, and the Peace Street corridor in general, from TBJ: