Wake County General Services (401 Capital Blvd)


Heard from a birdie today that the county is looking to put this property out for RFP. This is the 6ish acres of land East of The West condos, west of Capital Blvd, north of the tracks and south of the Smokey Hollow Kane phase 3 lot. It’s currently mostly occupied by Wake County. The same birdie had it on very good authority Kane is interested in bidding on the land.

Not sure on timelines but wanted to get the topic started.

Estimated Subject Area


I had a feeling that it was only a matter of time…

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This will be a big win for everybody.
Is it going to be by RFP or sold to the highest bidder?

Assuming Kane does bid, his history of delivering rapidly should come into play for any RFP process.


RFP was mentioned but not sure if that’s a hard and fast or potentially out for bid


We need to get serious about light rail from North Raleigh to downtown to Cary.


I gotta get birdies like this.

I checked the Wake County Real Estate Database. The county’s property is 5.97 acres. There’s another 0.53 acres at the corner of Johnson and Harrington (at 436 Harrington St.) that’s privately owned, but I figure that whoever ends up with the county land will make a pretty sweet offer for that last parcel as well. And if it is indeed Kane that gets it, this should fit in very nicely with Smokey Hollow.



I can see Kane winning this and completely transforming the north section of downtown! Make sense why he is wanting to go up to 40 floors for the land north of it.


The people already complaining about traffic in this area are going to love this.


They can take that BRT. Assuming they want to go down New Bern Ave and nowhere else.


Errr you do know that there is a capital blvd alignment as well for BRT, right? And also a cycle track that is planned to extend from Peace > Davie? My family lives over here and we’re a 1-car family and get around mostly by bike / bus and foot. :woman_shrugging: FWIW, Route #1, which goes 1 block from here, carries 64,000+ passengers per month. GoRaleigh’s most popular route :+1: Some potential alignments:


Hmmm, seems like a great spot for a hockey / basketball arena if we had light rail running along these tracks. Based on Kane’s other projects, seems like this site would be in the 10-15 year out range… about the time for a new arena (proposed current round of renovations at PNC could extend the usefulness until then).


Just eyeballing it that site seems way too narrow but maybe someone can get the specs on that site.


Seems about right. Rotate for a N-S orientation and locate the major support areas on the north and south ends.


Phase 3 will be half way out of the ground in 5. At most, if Kane were to be awarded this RFP it would be 6-7 years out.


Yep, then Boylan Heights 6.7 acre development probably another 2-3 years, plus whatever additions happen at North Hills East and West. Kane’s wrapped up for awhile.

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And on top of that Wake County would have to build new facilities and relocate the Wake County General Services. That process has not even remotely started yet.

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Looks like a perfect place to include a mulitplex cinema to me.
Sorry, I just had to go there…


Seems really tight but if someone wants to privately build an arena more power to em.

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If you or someone has any start behind the economics behind something like that, let’s start a thread.

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What do you mean by that?