Show Off Things From Other Cities

A Guastavino tiled arch ceiling is a joy to behold. My other favorite is at Grand Central. Sadly, there are only just a few original tiled sections left at Pennsylvania Station.

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Not that anyone needs a reminder for the Duke Gardens, but definitely worth a visit every now and then. Some beautiful blooms right now.


It’s not just tall buildings casting shadows. Now pickleball is forcing people out of their homes. What a menace!


whatever…even in roanoke va some clubs have converted tennis courts to pickle ball. i still do tennis.

Wasnt sure where to post this, as it is kind of the opposite of this thread’s title. As someone who knows next to nothing about SF, it was a good read and an example of what to slopes to avoid slipping down here in Raleigh.


SF is certainly no benchmark for affordability…

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Not sure if you read the article, but it explains part of why they are in this situation and why it isn’t improving due to long approval times for development.

In some parts of California it can take a year to get a building permit for a SFH. A YEAR!

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As someone that’s finishing up a build in California, this is true. Took me 9 months to get a permit out in Joshua Tree.


Some talk about rezoning challenges around today and then you have the Durham advisory council taking it to the next level by denying almost 1400 new apartments, hotel, office and more at Southpoint because of affordable housing worries. Now, if only there was something to help with affordable housing……

I can’t link the N&O article because of a paywall lol.


So they won’t allow building 1400 housing units in an existing mall because there is no affordable housing included?

Do they realize not building the housing will also mean no affordable housing?


The mall owners offered to pay for housing elsewhere, but the advisory board basically called it racism to not include it in the project and rejected the offer.

Denying housing all together exacerbates the crisis more than if they were to build 100% high end luxury housing. At least that would add some supply to the market. :roll_eyes:


Right! Not building new housing period is the worst possible “solution” for the housing affordability issue


When you’re doing a roof near Mudcats Stadium, it’s mandatory to go be nosey.


Man, I’m digging your OCD, go’on witcho bad self…LoLs


Haha, thanks, I think. :upside_down_face:

These are certainly some really fabulous shots!


Thank you! Extra characters.

Posting up pictures of what a town in the Netherlands with a metro of ~360k-370k people looks like in 2023. Here is the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. I visited for a small amount of time while being in Germany. Here’s my previous post for photos from Germany (Click here). I’m not going to spam with pictures that are similar to what has already been posted. I am quite jealous of the biking infrastructure. I did see quite a few people on ebikes.

One of the things I did like in the inner part of the city is the slower streets. It is a prime example of how streets can be shared between cars, bikes, and mopeds when speeds are slow. The inner city had roads where bike lanes did not exist, but they were not needed due to the slow streets. If we had slower streets in Raleigh, then I can see more people using mopeds, including electric, which would help reduce congestion. Granted lane filtering would also need to be allowed. There are very large cities where mopeds and motor bikes are the main form of transport. Dhaka Bangladesh just got its first metro in December 2022. It’s a very large and dense city of 10+Million.

Below is the small town of Appingedam (population just under 12k) The waterfront part is actually from Delfzijl.